Agricultural Propane Heating

Here at Suroît Propane, we highly consider the importance of agriculture and breeding in the society. We also know that you need a clean, cheap and trustworthy energy to ensure a good combustion for many appliances and that's why propane is your wisest choice. 

Our sales representatives are available anytime to make sure your needs are met concerning grain drying or heating in general.

Furthermore, with our «smart-fill» automatic delivery system (Wesroc), you can be sure to reach peace of mind because you will always have the right amount of propane to support your needs.

Suroît Propane offers you turnkey solutions for all your heating (sale, installation, service) and propane delivery needs (farm, dryer).

  • Agricultural furnaces (Purafire, LB White)
  • Boilers (plancher radiant)
  • Commercial water heaters
  • Elevators
  • Etc.