Pool heater Hayward H250FDP Hayward $2,795.00$2,495.00
Pool heater Hayward H250FDP

Pool heater Hayward H250FDP

Hayward $2,795.00$2,495.00


  • Up to 250,000 BTU
  • Standard cupronickel heat exchanger 
  • Excellent resistance to salted water and chemical corrosion 
  • Exclusive cupronickel heat exchanger with «entirely managed» water flow
  • Regular water flow in every pipe for faster heating 
  • Patented collector bypassing conception 
  • Up to 18% savings by shortening the pump's execution time
  • 2' x 2.5'  PVC union-links
  • Common link for installation or maintenance, adapts to larger pipes recommended for better efficiency 
  • Low nitrogen oxyde emissions - responds to air quality standards 

The universal H series is an engagement towards energy saving, higher performance and installation adaptation for pool specialists.